Top Ten Challenges in a Teenager’s Life

Self Esteem

Psychology of Decision Making

How to Say No

Career Choices and Quality of Life

Emerging Career Options


Top Ten Challenges in a Teenager’s Life

Parenting for Busy Working Couples

Psychology of Teenager’s ‘Unacceptable’ Behaviour

The 21st century teenager is the most progressive and luckiest teenager ever in the history of mankind. Teenage is an age when a kid starts to gain a sense of being an individual, a sense of being a unique entity which is different from his surroundings and has his own dreams and supreme confidence to achieve them. Never in the past did any new generation of mankind has had access to a bountiful world of physical and virtual resources as in our world today.

But with this emerging sense of individuality in this age come areas of concern which must be addressed. The teenager today is facing a lot more challenges than ever before which unfortunately are going unnoticed by all.

Teenagers, by virtue of the exuberance of their age as well the dynamism in today’s world, are earnestly looking for someone to not only acknowledge their concerns but also help them solve them and explain them ways to enjoy life. Teenage concerns and potential

Happiness has to not bound by conditions.

  • Anything with ‘conditions apply’ will have a defined shelf life. If it as object, for example a car, happiness will depend on by being happy with the car or the car not getting stolen or damages. If it is another human, I will be happy till that person treats me well or till he does what I want him to do.
  • Either way, if the situation turns unfavourable, I might lose my happiness and in some cases can even get sad and angry or jealous.

But when I am unconditionally happy, no one can touch me on the inside and affect my happiness.

That is true happiness, true freedom. That fellow is a true winner !! But the quintessential question is – how to be unconditionally happy in this world of unending attractions/ distractions/ desires??

This programme is about linking unconditional happiness with self- esteem,  self-worth and self-efficacy and about how to focus on enhancing your value – unconditionally.

Gone are the days when if you could become a doctor or an engineer or a CA, an Advocate or an Architect your career has a promise, else there is a question mark on how your life will be.

We live in the age of artificial intelligence and ChatGPT and so the emerging career options are available for those good in studies as well as for those who are not. Creativity is at its highest level in humanity right now and one can think of creating a life out of almost anything one can imagine and is good at. For example, YouTubers, Bloggers/ Vloggers, social media champions and Reel creators are quite promising options which were unthinkable earlier.

But there is a catch here ! This proviledge is not available to everyone – who is sleeping or taking things casually. These unending options in traditional and unconventional fields are available only for those who are awake to themselves, aware of things around them and honestly can judge themselves on their potential.

Self-esteem is going to be the biggest game changer in the second quarter of 21st century, more than ever !!

In addition to the above mentioned areas of development, the below mentioned topics need attention for kids today:

  1. Anger Management
  2. Clear Decision Making
  3. How to Say No and/ or Yes
  4. How to Prepare for Exams
  5. How to Deal With Inner/ Outer Distractions
  6. How to Create Loving Relations With People, Including family Members

With the world becoming much more evolved (read complex) today, interest in parenting has taken a much higher place amongst parents. The reasons can be many. Parents want their children to do well in this extremely competitive world or they might not have enough time for their children because of their work or some parents might have felt that their child is drifting away from them or a sheer desire to be very responsible and correct in their parenting.

Also the fact that in many cases both parents are working and not really available for the kid(s) as the kid might want. There are psychological effects of that which in some cases the whole society has to bear. Whatever the reason, parenting has become very complex today and it has been observed that many parents live under the fear of their child’s future aspects or under the guilt of not being good parents.

Teenage Wisdom brings to you a workshop where we shall understand how to make this seemingly complex job easier. The program shall cover the following topics:

  • Development stages of children – physical
  • Development stages of children – psychological
  • Parents’ point of view
  • Egocentricism amongst children
  • Understanding a child’s point of view
  • Helping the child build up a high self-esteem
  • Understanding life at school
  • Developing a spiritual mindset in childhood
  • Learning abilities and disabilities
  • Developing natural virtues in a child
  • Decoding the personality trait of a child

Teacher – A Role Model

‘gurur bramha, gurur vishnu, gurur devo maheshwara

gurur sakshat, para-bramha, tasmai shri guruve namaha’

There are two major aspects when it comes to training a teacher – internal and external upgrade.

External Aspects – The social set up we all live in, perception plays a very important role in defining our social success. Our country has always treated teachers at a higher pedestal that parents and even God. So it is very important that a teacher meets that expectation that the society has bestowed upon her through her conduct, teaching skills, personality and body language. The workshop intends to bring focus on these external aspects.

Internal Aspects – All that is stated above is incomplete without the individual having an inner urge to train as well as ‘connect’ with the students. No one can be trained to become a good teacher. One can only try to bring out the essence of a teacher from within her as well as make him/ her aware of the sensitivity of her role in shaping the life of an individual as well as being the creator of a strong society.

The workshop will encompass the above two aspects with taking the teachers through the following topics in particular:

  • Body Language
  • Workplace Management
  • Dealing with parents
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Balancing Home and Work
  • Developing Empathy for the Child
  • Role as a counsellor
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Responsibility as a teacher towards kid’s life skills
  • Time Management
  • Personal Grooming
  • Methods of Communicating