Anurag Mehta is a TEDx speaker, an Industrial Psychologist and a ‘Strategic Thinking and Leadership’ coach. He also consults organisations in the areas of business growth strategy and human resource development. An avid spiritual seeker, blogger and traveller, he is also an author of a spiritually inspiring book – Life is a Fully Paid Holiday !  He has pursued his Ph.D. research on the impact of Meditation on Emotional Intelligence of working professionals.

Integrating age old spiritual wisdom with modern day organisational behaviour, Anurag believes in ‘adding value to mind, body and soul’ of his stakeholders through work.


Virtues Training and Development Shed is the platform for corporate trainings. The flagship training and consulting is Strategic Thinking and Leadership and the scope of training expands into numerous behavioural training avenues.


Teenage Wisdom is a place for teenagers/ adolescents. The flagship programme among others being 'Top 10 Challenges in a Teenager's Life'. Parenting programmes for busy working parents is also a core deliverable of Teenage Wisdom.


Workplace Monk or karmayogi originating from Bhagwad Gita (18.78) is a space where lectures on Bhagwad Gita and meditation sessions are delivered for the corporates . These are also a part of the psychological counselling.

Workplace Monk, karmayogi