Monday Blues…I don’t like my job or I don’t want to work, I find people like myself (they are plenty), we all coin a term (like Monday Blues) and crib together at the chai ki dukaan and think I am on the righteous side and that my job sucks and my boss is the biggest pain in the world. Some pseudo-intellectuals go to the extent to justify this as a stress buster and therefore a harmless way to cool yourself down.

Little harsh? May be not. If you are the one who likes those whatsapp or fb messages celebrating a weekend and crying about having to go to work on Monday, then you are either in the wrong job or a wrong frame of mind. You cannot continue like this all the almost 2000 Mondays of a professional career spanning across forty years. That will be too taxing on your mind, heart, health, relationships and the entire life. And you think that overdose of caffeinated coffee or suttas will help? (Uh…of course, thought you were the well educated, well-read types).

Humans are essentially followers (my blog on that topic with data from psychology is on the way). Just because we find having to go to work ‘daily for the same number of hours’ painful, especially because it compromises my basic freedom to be myself, I start getting averted from my workplace. Then I find people like me and also official terms like Monday Blues and I think I am so stuck in life. Then, instead of working towards immediately curbing that aversive feeling towards my workplace, I get addicted to it.

I often tell people – please don’t bake your daily bread on your organisation’s funeral pyre. That’s criminally unfair. While you rightfully want your remuneration and that too on time and in full, you cannot not give your 100 percent to your organisation (hundred percent heart first and then physical and mental effort). You cannot make your organisation die and still want your salaries because you need to earn your livelihood.

And then there are blogs and literature on how to deal with Monday Blues. Ridiculous. First there is a wrong concept and then there is a programme to deal with it. Why not do away with that wrong concept in the first place??

You work for almost ten thousand days in your life. This Monday Blue feeling percolates to all of those ten thousand days and doesn’t remain confined to just Mondays. Personally, you cannot afford to live a life like that. Most of the stress in your life is unnecessary and self created, validated by those like you, around you. Rest can be handled and resolved by you, you know you are that smart!

Monday blues is a scam (probably made up by coffee sellers, lol). You need to find that connect with your workplace. It should instead be that a weekend has broken your continuity at the workplace. You need to be rather willing to go to the workplace because it is only your workplace which gives you a platform to express your skills. Where else can you express your skills? Sitting idle at home – can you sit idle at home all the time??

Or do you think you do not have enough skills to showcase and you just got a break luckily?? If you have skills, there will ideally be a burning desire in you to express them – just like Sachin or Kohli would feel about the 22 yards with the bat in their hand. Imagine that feeling for yourself in context of your skills and then think about Monday Blues. Is it blue (or red or whatever) still??

I have this habit to abruptly end my articles. The idea is that I don’t want to preach, I want to put a situation in front of my audience and then want them to think and find solutions on their own if they think there is one required.

So wish you a very happy Monday today!!

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