Meditation as a solution has been an area of inquisitiveness for the last couple of decades particularly. Formal and empirical research became necessary because even if the benefits of meditation were well known, especially in the east, organisations would need statistical data to include practicing meditation as an intervention tool for the betterment of the employees and in the end for organisational growth.

The trend then began to conduct formal research on meditation in an organizational set up in countries like the U.S., U.K., Australia, Germany, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, and many other countries. What came out of the research in measuring behavioural and cognitive changes in employee is shared as under.

(The data mentioned below is a result of data mining from research papers of global research)

Benefits at the cognitive level
  1. Study has shown that there are changes in the cingulate cortex region of the brain which is associated with mindfulness and helps in controlled reaction while in anxiety.
  2. Patients showed lower activity at the amygdala region of the brain which deals with emotions and increased activity in the regions of brain which deal with awareness, alertness and attention
  3. Meditation has been found superior to pharmacology based drugs Imipramine and Chlordiazepoxide used to treat General Anxiety Disorders (GAD) in patients
  4. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training has been shown to decrease endless habitual thinking decreases stress, depression, and anxiety

Benefits for the organisation and leadership

  1. Meditation Based Interventions (MBI’s) have positively affected the workplace settings and improved the mental health of employees
  2. MBI’s are a cost effective method for the HRM systems
  3. Meditation added intuition, calmness and ability to recover from stress quickly amongst entrepreneurs
  4. Meditation has proven to be a good wellness programme for the organisation
  5. Meditation has helped in increasing empathy and reducing inter-personal conflict, workplace aggression, emotional labour and work-related anxiety
  6. Meditation helps in enhancing the creative and innovative impulses of the individual
  7. Meditation is a contributor in achieving self-actualistion

Benefits for the employee at the workplace

  1. Meditation enhances being mindful of the results of one’s reaction in the environment and being in control and choosing to bring positive solutions
  2. Research done on professionals has revealed that meditation has reduced emotional burnout
  3. It was found medically that those who practised meditation had positive and better readings for stress reduction, normal heart beats and respiration
  4. Meditation has positive effects on emotional intelligence
  5. Meditation helps employees who deal with customers directly e.g., sales and CRM department, in being able to be in better control of their emotions in handling customers
  6. It has been seen that even short meditation or on-the-spot meditation has had immediate impact on emotional control
  7. Mindfulness is the by product of meditation
  8. In being mindful of his inner state of mind, an individual can wisely look at himself and shift from reacting to responding
  9. Meditation is associated with an urge to connect with the higher power and seek solutions to real life problems
  10. Meditation has proven itself in solving many workplace problems arising out of inter-personal conflict
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