What should be derived from the above image? Is it an image depicting scarcity because all glasses are empty, let alone be half empty OR there are so many beautiful glasses out there which can be used for various purposes and hence it depicts unlimited abundance in terms of the potential it holds 🙂

When ego dominates in a selfish way, it creates a scarcity mindset in the individual. Scarcity mindset is inversely proportional to self-esteem. When we don’t feel confident about our abilities, we tend to be dominated with the thoughts of survival issues leading to lack of trust on self and others as well as greed to accumulate. When we are not able to accumulate we feel less, scarce and our ego feels hurt. This happens even when we don’t really need that thing that makes us feel scarce except that we were operating from the vantage point of ego afterall.

Feelings, emotions, traits and habits like anger, anxiety and related stress, greed, jealousy, wanting to dominate and/or defeat others, selfishness, irritation, fighting with others, cheating, stealing, over-thinking among many other become second nature to the individual which has its obvious consequences.

When one operates from the feeling of abundance, one feels complete and is confident of dealing with any unfavourable situation or person. The behaviour of such an individual is dominated by love, care compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, team work, support, sharing and helping, philanthropy, generosity and related attributes.

So it boils down to the fact that one cannot lecture about positive habits to a scarcity dominated individual and expect a related change in behaviour. Hence a large responsibility and onus of progression towards a higher state of  emotional intelligence as a society lies together in the hands of parents and the education system.

Children from young age need to be trained on raising their self-esteem and think abundant. Children coming from various backgrounds may be exposed to different conditioning which calls for an even higher need for the parents and education system to take the lead and help children to come out of scarcity driven emotional and mental exposure and train them to think better and progressive so as to create a responsible and emotionally intelligent adult and therefore a beautiful human society. 

Abundance mindset is not only the abundance on the outside. Abundance is a mindset that stems out from feeling good about self. It is about being fearless about the outcome and knowing that things will work out well in the end. It is about high and naturally sustaining self-esteem. Having an abundance mindset leads to avoidance of conflict because there is no feeling of scarcity and insecurity that leads to conflict.

So, having understood abundance and scarcity, where do you think you operate from in life? More importantly, as a boss/ leader or a colleague, employee, sub-ordinate, what is your vantage point of looking at the dynamic situations at your workplace?

Remember, abundance mindset is natural to us….

…after all as a little child you wanted to have the moon in your hands !!

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