Why do we need to read this article? Is this article relevant in my life or specifically at the workplace? Let’s see if we can derive something from here and also check if we can make our life a bit easier and lighter ! Does what Bhagawad Gita suggests as samarpan being the antidote to stress and confusion, really come out as a message here?

Ok, I know this is an eternal debate in science, philosophy, spirituality and religion…nature vs nurture, free will vs determinism and what not. But then, in thousands of years that this debate is on, the final agreement is yet not there even though the most celebrated scholars have been involved in it (or is it that because of which the answer evades us..lol). Einsteiniens say God is not playing dice with the universe and Stephen Hawkinians say God is playing dice quoting quantum physics and some other points.

Yeah alright, let’s give some credit to the book/ documentary ‘The Secret’ which rocked the world with good and well many more not so good repercussions or even our Shah Rukh Khan and his ‘shiddat and kaynaat’ dialogue. But hey, what about the man on the street with just common sensical understanding of life like me. I just want to know – whether everything (I mean everything coz it cannot be some and some not) is in my control OR everything that happens within and outside me happens due to divine intervention with me being just a puppet or an observer of the whole scheme of things.

Well, it has been almost exactly a decade since I entered the realm of this question. The question hit me so hard that I couldn’t move a step forward in my life without knowing the real truth about this most essential fact of life. I mean how can I act when I don’t know whether what I am doing is in my own hands OR I am doing nothing per se and all that is seemingly my action and also situations around me are a part of the ‘grand play’ (nothing religious here please) and whatever might happen on the outside, internally nothing is in my control.

My ego will never accept the latter though…c’mon obviously. How can it accept that I am just a puppet and I am doing nothing! This will end everything!

But looking back at the last decade quite like a bird’s eye view now, I thought while seemingly it looked that I was in control, I never planned for the day I am living today (whether I like my today or not is immaterial). Things, we call them coincidences mostly (happy or sad), kept on happening and I just played along. In that moment, my decisions were rather a result of the situation I was in, and the situation, quite likely wasn’t what I planned for – it just came up, just like every time.

Additionally, every action of mine would ideally affect the environment around me, which would include people and situations. I figured out that everything is connected, like a web, and the web extends to unthinkable domains beyond my imagination. I mean my actions would always have an impact on me, the ones involved in that situation and may be complete strangers. How can I be the one person who could be in charge of the way the web of life works?

I mean I caused a traffic jam and that might be an inconsequential event for me but that made someone miss his flight. I made a mistake, unintentionally and my organisation lost a huge sum of money and/ or reputation with no fault of theirs. I gave a motivational speech to an unknown set of people and someone achieved something great by getting motivated while most sat just as an audience, even though they might have liked my talk.

Everything is connected…how can I be in charge? My actions affect other people’s life. With me being the decision maker, it would mean I can control other people’s life of situations around me. That will make everyone God….with a lot of conflicts with my fellow gods (remember Bruce Almighty or it’s Hindi remake – God Tussi Great Ho)

This is still a question I am dealing with. It is not a conclusion! But I am also dealing with the fact that I need to be real, as in, I cannot allow my ego to interfere here with the premise – what are you if you are not in charge? I want to know the truth….and so I cannot afford to be biased.

Also, can just one individual in just one species out of trillions of them be in charge of his/ her own personal life in this vast domain of the universe (okay if universe is too big then let’s just say earth or my country or my city or my house???). Am I deciding the path of the destiny of my family members in the first place?? If not, how can I be in charge of everything then? Don’t their actions determine my path of life?

Do I even know till when I am going to live this life of whom I am in charge???

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